Virginia helped me construct my resume, something I hadn’t done in over ten years.  I have quite an unusual background, and Virginia was able to make my experience look and sound like the professional I am. She brought to the surface and validated areas of expertise I might have written-off. She made my resume shine. Within two weeks of posting my resume, I received the call from my current employer. The right job found me, thanks to Virginia!

K. Tilton-Riley, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

I was feeling a lack of confidence about competing in today’s job market with such a huge competitive pool applying for each position. Virginia really listened to me in the interview and was able to articulate what I wanted to convey to prospective employers. I couldn’t believe how much confidence her resume gave me. It really helped me look at myself objectively and realize how much value I offer a company. It also got me the job I wanted.

C. Owens, Carlsbad, CA

Over the past eight years, Virginia has created job-specific versions of my resume for me, resulting in my being hired on two occasions. One of the biggest challenges in writing a resume is capturing all the details associated with past experiences. Virginia takes time to get to know her clients and really drill-down on the relevant, job-specific details that future employers are looking for. I recommend Virginia without hesitation and will hire her again in the future. Her resume writing service is top-notch.

M. Milar, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Virginia is a “winning resume” writer—highly effective in the art of garnering and pinpointing information necessary for a smooth, professional, and sequentially structured resume.

David. M. Carlsbad, CA