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Positioning You for Success in Your Job Search

Did you know that you only have a matter of seconds to grab a potential employer’s attention? If your resume is poorly written, it won’t even make the first cut! 

Think marketing. Just as a brochure works for a company to interest prospective clients, a resume works for a job seeker to interest potential employers.

Consider the following questions before sending out your “best-attempt” resume.

1.     Is your resume targeted to the position you are seeking?

2.     Do you have a high-impact summary?

3.     Does your career history highlight your most powerful qualifications?

4.     Have you included your noteworthy accomplishments?

Avoid Writer’s Block

Many job seekers feel overwhelmed when they attempt to write their own resume. Writer’s block sets in. They find it difficult to be objective about their job performance and most often underestimate their abilities. As frustration mounts, they put the writing aside, only to lose valuable time.

A professional resume writer is able to look at your career history from a fresh perspective, identify key information you may have overlooked, and present you at your best. With a skillful blend of technique and creativity, the professional will write a resume for you that will give you confidence and attract a potential employer’s attention.


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